Tick-tock… Do you hear it? This is the time for bombshell news!


We already showed you Dakota 700 smokehouse and it was tested in different modes for a month. What’s interesting is that smoking of bricks, which is our favorite test passed great!

You have no idea how much meat, brisket, ribs and sausages have been cooked during that time!
Regarding the brisket, we are now confident that it’s impossible to cook it tastier than on Dakota. These old technologies of smoker-barrels are fading: no more burnt hands, heavy manual labor and unsuitable product quality! You will have stable equipment for which you need to: throw firewood or coal into the furnace,
set the temperature on the controller and pick up the premium product in 18-20 hours!
⠀ By the way, few words about sausages. We got SUCH good results that we decided – we need a brand chef now. And there is an addition in our cool team, it’s Igor (@ CentralniMyasnoi) who specializes in sausages and knows almost everything about Dakota 700, or to be more precise, about its overseas brother. Igor has been associated with meat processing plants and sausages for many years, so he knows many tricks and secrets of its preparation! And finally, which sausage can be prepared in the smokehouse “Dakota 700”:
– SAVELOY. A real deal for gourmet which is existing for more than 500 years. This delicacy is recognized by its bright drawing on the slice.

– GARLIC SAUSAGE. It’s definitely requires time and patience to cook. Many remember the delicacy from childhood, it was on the holiday tables and each mistress knew the recipe. There are also many other worthy sausages.
But there’s more to come! Wait for the following news! Right now you can call/write us to get all the necessary information regarding Dakota 700. Any questions about the work on it or sausage consulting – feel free to call us!



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